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"House Games" is a role-playing game set in a collectively-modified version of the real world, with much inspiration drawn from folklore and fiction of all kinds. It utilizes a round-robin storytelling format where individual sessions tell a self-contained story, and the position of storyteller is rotated between the various members of the group. Because of this, each game will have a slightly different cast of characters, or "High Rollers", which helps to solve the age-old roleplaying problem of absenteeism.

This Wiki contains nearly everything you'll need in order to participate in the Great Game. Character statistics and traits, rules for gameplay, details about the setting, a roster of player characters… All this for the low low price of giving your contact information to Wikidot. Much cheaper than sourcebooks.

Quick Links

What Is "House Games"? - A nice, long-winded introduction to exactly what the hell we're doing here.

Character Creation - If you are new, start here. This will take you through all the steps of building your own High Roller, and is all you really need in order to begin your first game!

Rolling Dice - Here there be dice rules.

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