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What are "House Games"?

"If life were a game, and you could play and wreak large changes in the world, at great risk to yourself … would you? Would you wield the Lever of Archimedes to weal or woe? For that is what is being offered - A place to stand. Answer."

House Games is a role-playing game set in a collectively-modified version of the real world drawn from fiction and folklore. House Games generally falls into the Horror/Action genre.

The Game Format of House Games is designed to solve two common problems with role-playing games:

1) Absenteeism

A common problem of extended campaigns is that there is always some player who can't make it. With House Games, that's not a problem. That person's character simply was not invited for a particular Game by the Harbingers. You can always play with whatever players show up, so long as you have at least two players and a GM.

2) Storytelling Responsibility

No one wants to be stuck with the responsibilities of the Storyteller all the time. House Games allows an easy method for round robin Storyteller duties in order to allow everyone to take turns playing and running Games. With this format, everyone takes turns (in no particular order) running Games to challenge other players.

The concept began in a small town in California, but now there are players all over the world.

Who are "High Rollers"?

The individuals who play in House Games are called High Rollers. Due to the deadly risks they take by participating in the Games, they are often gambling with their lives (or worse) at stake.

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