Autonomy or Sentience is a system we use to measure the control of a Symbiote, Parasite, Possessing Spirit or similar.

The Entity becomes steadily more self-aware. It is quite possible that it may eventually subvert the host. Events that threaten the life of both Entity & Host will hasten this process, as will mental degeneration of the host.

System: You now have a new trait, rated 1-10. You start with a Permanent rating of 1. For every 10 temporary points you gain, you immediately trade them for a Permanent Point of Sentience. Temporary points are gained in the following manner:

-Whenever you gain a derangement
-Whenever you are reduced to incapacitated (Lethal)
-Whenever you completely expend your temporary Willpower or related Pool
-Whenever you go 24 hours without food/regaining pool in some cases

If you ever have more Permanent Sentience than Permanent Willpower, you lose control of your character. It is not generally possible to remove Sentience, barring certain Powers that specifically do so.

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