Modifiers gained from Limitations may be used to reduce the Difficulty of the Maneuver or to increase the amount of damage inflicted. A single such positive modifier grants a bonus of at least 1 and no greater than 5. Thus, it is not possible to reduce the Difficulty by more than 5 or increase damage by more than 5.

Some Benefits must be accompanied by certain Limitations.

Possible Benefits include the following.

Threshold: A second effect is initiated if the character's successes exceed the opponent's by a certain amount, typically 3 or 5. Primarily defensive. The cost is 1.

Accurate: +2 dice. The cost is 1. This can only be taken once (i.e. only two dice can be added).

Knockdown: A successful attack knocks your opponent to the ground. The cost is 1.

Stun: The target is stunned. The cost is 4.

Cripple: One limb is rendered useless (hamstrung or broken) through Lethal damage. The target must be reduced to at least Wounded; otherwise, the limb is dislocated rather than crippled. The cost is 2.

Dislocate: One limb is dislocated through Bashing damage, and is temporarily immobilized. At least one level of damage must be inflicted. The cost is 2.

Break Joint: A single joint is broken. The cost is 3.

Lethal Damage: An attack that would normally inflict Bashing damage instead inflicts Lethal. The cost is 4.

Reduced Soak: The target's soak is reduced by a number of levels equal to the cost (reduced by 1 at a cost of 1, reduced by 2 at a cost of 2, etc.). The attacker must be familiar with the target's anatomy.

Destroy Organ: The attack automatically destroys one specified organ (brain, heart, lungs, etc.). This may have limited effect or no effect on certain targets. Note that destruction of an organ cannot be cured by healing/regenerating health levels. The cost is 5. Mandatory Limitations: Committed, Minimum Damage 3.

Decapitate: A Crippled result causes the head to be severed. The cost is 2 (assuming a large bladed weapon). Mandatory Limitations: Committed, +2 Difficulty.

Called Shot: Targets a specific area, but does not kill, disable, or disarm, only increases damage. The cost is 1 for an arm/leg, 2 for a hand/head/foot, 3 for heart/eye.

Leap: The character jumps with his full dice pool in addition to his primary action. The cost is 1.

Fast Draw: Success allows you to begin the round as if your weapon were already in-hand. Does not require an action. The cost is 1.

Environmental Adaptation: Penalty for an unfamiliar environment, such as fighting underwater or fighting blind, is reduced by 2. The cost is 2.

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