A Derangement represents a mental quirk, instability, or illness. There is no limit to how many Derangements a character can possess, but the character may become nearly unplayable after a point.

There may be some powers that cause characters to acquire Derangements, but they primarily come from failing or botching a Trauma or Willpower roll.

Types of Derangements

Most Derangements are Temporary Derangements. A Temporary Derangement can be "bought off" at a cost of 10xp. You must have access to a good psychologist and spend the appropriate time and money for treatment; you will not have time to do much of anything else during the downtime in which you are being treated.. If the Temporary Derangement was a starting Flaw, then the cost is the greater of 10xp or the Flaw rating x3.

Indefinite Derangements cannot be bought off. They can only be removed through specific supernatural means. Removing an Indefinite Derangement requires intervention from a character with appropriate abilities or at least one Side Game involving finding a cure.

Mortal Derangements cause the character to become unplayable until cured. A Mortal Derangement is even more difficult to remove than an Indefinite Derangement, and always requires intervention from another character, since a character with a Mortal Derangement is incapable of useful action (and may well be catatonic).

Permanent Derangements are not truly Derangements; they are fundamental aspects of the character's personality. A Permanent Derangement can only be removed by an effect that can alter a personality.

Examples of Derangements

  • Compulsion: A primal urge that you find difficult to resist. Resisting such an impulse requires a temporary Willpower roll. Examples include compulsions to steal, interact with technology, or stalk strangers.
  • Phobia: An overwhelming fear. Phobias are always unreasonable or taken to an unreasonable level, and a character with a phobia will typically need to roll temporary Willpower when they encounter the subject of their phobia. Common phobias include snakes, needles, small places, being alone, and the dark.
  • Curiosity: A compulsion to explore the unknown. Temporary Willpower rolls are required to resist the impulse when a mystery presents itself (you can of course choose not to resist). This can be extremely dangerous and has led to the deaths of many characters who just couldn't resist messing with things they shouldn't have.
  • Delusions of Grandeur: The unswerving belief that you always have moral authority and legal jurisdiction, and are rightfully in charge.
  • Paranoid Megalomania: The belief that others are conspiring against you because of your (often newfound) power or wealth.
  • Schizophrenia: You hear voices that are not there. Besides being frightening, these voices may fuel other Derangements, increasing the difficulty of related Willpower checks.
  • Distrust: You are unable to trust others. It should be noted that just walking on the street requires a certain amount of trust in the strangers around you, and certainly participating in a Game with armed teammates requires even more trust.
  • Trusting: You are on the opposite end of the spectrum from those with Distrust. You are likely to accept anyone as an ally, even when it is obvious that they intend harm.
  • Hallucinations: At the GM's discretion, you suffer visions or sensations of things that are not there.
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