One Point

Dark Secret
You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, could pose many problems for you. This could be a torture dungeon in the basement, or the actual gunman of the grassy knoll.

Deep Sleeper
When you sleep, it is very difficult for you to awaken. You are -2 dice on all rolls if you get less than 8 hours sleep, and are likely to sleep through all but the most jarring events.

Defective Sense
One of your senses is very poor. This is a non-correctable condition, and all Perception rolls relying on that sense are +2 Difficulty.

You experience horrendous nightmares every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Upon awakening, you must make a willpower roll (Diff: 7) or lose a die on all actions for that day. a Botched willpower roll indicated that, even when awake, you still believe that you are locked in a nightmare.

Prey Exclusion
You refuse to harm a certain class of prey. You might refuse to harm children, women, mothers, policemen, accountants, or rich people. If you accidentally harm such an individual, you must make a Trauma roll.

Take this flaw only if your character engages regularly in practices that would normally require them to harm something. GMs may veto this flaw if necessary.

You cannot stand to watch others suffer. You must avoid any situation that involves causing someone physical or emotional pain, unless you succeed a temporary Willpower roll, difficulty 8.

Speech Impediment
You have a stammer or other speech impediment that hampers verbal communication. the Difficulties of all die rolls involving verbal communication are increased by +2. You are encouraged to roleplay this flaw whenever possible.

Two Points

You are unable to remember anything about you past, yourself or your family, though your past might well come back to haunt you. Your origins and the circumstances behind your amnesia are for the GM to determine, and they are encouraged to make it as interesting as possible.

You suffer some mental illness or disorder that can cause you to sometimes lose control. Start with a Derangement.

One Eye
You have only on eye - which eye is missing is up to you. The difficulties of all perception rolls involving eyesight are increased by 2, and the difficulties of all die rolls requiring depth perception are increased by 1. (This includes ranged combat.)

You have an overpowering fear of something. Spiders, snakes, crowds, and heights are examples of common phobias. You must make a Trauma roll every time you encounter the object of your fear. The difficulty of the roll is determined by the referee, and if you fail the roll you must retreat from the object.

You are completely incapable of holding on to money. You begin each game with 1d10 x10 in cash, and will be generally unable to replace equipment, afford transportation, etc.

You are well below average height - four and a half feet tall or less. You have difficulty reaching or manipulating objects designed for normal adult size, and your running speed is one-half that of a normally proportioned human

You are vengeful by nature. Whenever you are wronged, you become obsessed with taking your revenge, and it is your overriding priority in any situation where you encounter the object of your malice. You may temporarily resist your need for vengeance by spending a Willpower point. Note that your vengeance does not have to be disproportionate, and you do not have to avenge trivial slights (such as being short-changed by a cashier).

Three Points

Absent Minded
Though you do not forget such things as Knowledges or skills, you do forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your home, you need to make a Wits roll or as a last resort, spend a willpower point.

This Flaw may not be taken with the Merit Concentration.

You are an anachronism. You must subtract 3 dice from any action that requires you to interact with modern technology.

You have some kind of deformity - a misshapen limb, hunchback, clubfoot, etc. - which affects your physical abilities and interactions with others. A hunchback, for instance, would lower a character's Dexterity by two dots and have a negative impact on social roleplaying. It is the responsibility of the referee to determine the specific effects of the deformity chosen.

Easy to Kill
You have one less Dying health level than normal. You die at 3 levels below Incapacitated, rather than at 4 levels below Incapacitated.

You're emotionally fragile and very likely to be mentally and emotionally scarred by the Games. You must choose four Traumas at character creation instead of the normal three.

Your legs are damaged, which prevents you from running or walking easily. You are forced to walk with a cane or possibly leg braces, and have a pronounced limp to your stride. Your walking speed is one-quarter that of a normal human, and running is impossible.

You believe that every person has an inalienable right to live. You must make a difficulty 9 [[[Trauma]] roll whenever you cause a person to die by action or inaction.

One Arm
You have only one arm. Choose which, or determine randomly at character creation. It is assumed that you are accustomed to using you remaining hand, so you suffer no off-hand penalties. However, you do suffer a two-dice penalty to any Dice Pool where two hands would normally be needed to perform a task. A character may not take this Flaw along with the merit Ambidextrous.

Oath Breaker
You have violated a sacred vow. You are marked as an Oath Breaker to ANY effect that determines even cursory elements of your nature (Aura, Telepathy, Empathy, etc). Any investigation, supernatural or otherwise, into the nature of the vow you broke is rolled at -2 difficulty. Entering into future contracts, pacts, bargains, and similar agreements of a supernatural nature is next to impossible and almost always ends horribly. The laws of neutral grounds, depending on the area, may not apply to you, putting you at a distinct disadvantage in such areas. Oath Breakers may also find it difficult or impossible to progress in rank beyond a certain point among many factions and organizations. Depending on the nature of your Vow there may be some remaining antipathy as well.

Four Points

You cannot hear, you may not listen to electronic or vocal media, and the difficulties of many Alertness rolls are increased by three.

Glass Jaw
You have a 50% chance of being knocked out for 1d10 minutes any time you do not successfully soak any damage taken to your head. You're the guy who always misses the battle, or gets eaten by the victorious monsters afterward. Don't worry though, if they eat you: you're unconscious! Shant feel a thing.

Your blood does not clot normally. When reduced to the Hurt wound level, you begin to degenerate. If reduced to wounded or below, you lose one health level every 30 seconds until you receive proper medical attention.

You cannot speak. you may communicate with the referee and describe your actions, but cannot talk to player or referee characters unless everyone concerned uses linguistics dots to purchase a commonly understood sign language or you write down what you wish to say.

Tough as Fluff
You do not have a Bruised health level.

5 Points

Dark Fate
You are doomed to suffer a horrible demise, or otherwise have some sort of icky unpleasant fate. You are aware of this, and it can kinda make you rather depressed… (Dead within ten games, otherwise, knock yourself out!). The referee can declare any single roll of yours a Botch once per session. You may not have Luck or Charmed Existence.

You have not established yourself in society. Perhaps you were raised by wolves, grown in a clone vat, or ended up in this dimension by mistake. You do not have citizenship in any country, and you have no official identity or license of any sort. You may or not speak a relevant language as your one "given" language (perhaps you only speak an obscure alien dialect, Latin, or some other useless language). You begin each game with 1d10 x10 in cash, max.

You are highly susceptible to mind-affecting magic and social abilities. All difficulties to resist such effects are increased by +2. Your willpower trait may never raise above 5.

6 Points

You cannot see. characters can compensate for the loss of vision by becoming more sensitive to other sensory input, but visual cues and images are lost to them. Actions involving hand-eye coordination are very difficult to perform, especially under stressful conditions. Difficulties of all Dexterity-based rolls are increased by +2.

You can hardly move without assistance, such as a pair of crutches or a wheelchair. Even then it can be painful and cumbersome to do so. The referee and you should take care to roleplay this Flaw correctly, no matter how difficult it makes things. A character may not take this Flaw along with the Merit Double-Jointed.

Restricted Flaws

These can be granted during Games by GMs or taken at creation with approval.

Cursed (1-5)
You have been cursed by someone or something. The curse is specific in nature and cannot be easily dispelled. Level of the flaw reflects how bad the curse is; a 1 point curse is annoying, a 5 point curse is likely life-threatening to you and/or to the people around you, and will at least make you and them incredibly miserable.

Echoes (1-5)
You display some of the signature characteristics of your unusual heritage/background. Perhaps milk curdles in your presence due to your Demonic blood, or electronics go haywire ever since you were abducted by Aliens. The value of this Flaw is determined by the referee, not the player.

Enemy (1-5)
You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The power of the enemy depends upon how many points the player wishes to spend.

Mayfly Curse (5 or 10)
You age at a faster-than-normal rate. If under a 5-point Mayfly Curse, you age 1 year for each month that passes. If under a 10-point Mayfly Curse, you age 1 year for each week that passes.

Degeneration (9)
You do not heal naturally. Instead, you degenerate; you lose health levels over time unless action is taken to prevent the Degeneration. (A zombie that is gradually rotting would be an example of a creature with this Flaw.)

Giftless (9)
You have some pressing need to spend every single one of your Gifts just to see the next House Game. Perhaps you are a terminal cancer patient with a month to live or made a bad deal that has come due with the wrong guy from Hell. Whatever the reason, you'd better be a resourceful desperado since you aren't getting anything like the kickbacks the other High Rollers get.

You can't receive gifts like normal high rollers, and if you fail a game, your character dies.

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