Glamour - A user’s guide

To raise permanent Glamour, you must spend experience equal to your current rating x2. Temporary Glamour is restored in a variety of ways, with each individual having their own methods (for Morgan, the Geasa Background is most likely). Glamour is the raw stuff of dreams, magic, & faerie. It defies easy quantification, & those who can perceive it will no doubt see numerous variations.

The basic qualities of Glamour are:

Countermagic: For every point of Permanent Glamour, you may roll 1 die (Difficulty: 6), to resist any magical effect. Each success on this roll subtracts -1 success from the magical effect. This roll is automatic, & takes effect whether you are aware of the magic or not. You may suppress this effect if desired.

Faerie Magic: Most Faerie Magic is powered by Glamour, as listed in the individual power description.

Cold Iron: If in contact with Cold Iron, all Glamour dependent rolls are raised in Difficulty by +2. If actually bound with Cold Iron, all Glamour abilities & magics are totally suppressed.

High Glamour: Glamour ratings above 5 cause certain side effects in mortals, such as:
6- Personality Shift: You must select two Natures, a “Seelie” & “Unseelie” personality archetype. You may pick them, as well as decide the terms under which your shift occurs.

7-Blood of Ages: Your blood & flesh is twice as potent to vampires & flesh eaters. However, any creature feeding on you will suffer severe side effects from the Glamour coursing within you.

8-Changeling Eyes: Your eye color mutates to suit your mood. Under extreme circumstances, your eyes may even change shape or glow.

9-Faerie Eternity: Your aging is divided by your Permanent glamour from this point forward. Cold Iron deals Aggravated, Unsoakable damage to you.

10-The Mists: Mortals witnessing your Faerie Magic may forget the experience entirely. Viewers must roll Wits + Occult (Diff: 8) or forget the details of what they witnessed at the end of the Scene. Other beings with Glamour are immune to the Mists.

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