Gnosis: A User's Guide

Gnosis is supernatural energy tapped from nature & the Spirit World (Astral Plane). It is a highly ephemeral force but in those few attuned to it, can produce miraculous effects.

Gnosis has a Permanent Rating ranging from 1-10. For each point in Permanent Gnosis, you have a potential number of temporary Gnosis points. Gnosis is most commonly regained by Meditation, usually in a forest glen or other place close to the Spirit World. The Difficulty to regain Gnosis points through Meditation is equal to the Local Gauntlet. You may regain 1 point of Temporary Gnosis per success scored on a Manipulation + Meditation roll, up to your Permanent rating.

Gnosis Usage:
-You may be required to roll your Gnosis rating or spend Gnosis to activate Powers. This will be described in the individual Power.

-You may use Gnosis to attune & activate Fetishes (items with bound spirits inside). Roll Gnosis at a Difficulty of the Fetish's Gnosis to activate it.

-You may communicate with spirits in the area provided the gauntlet is lower than your permanent Gnosis rating.

Gnosis is only available as a Gift. It is awarded at 1 Permanent Dot, & is Current Rating x2 to raise.

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