Humanity is a system of Morality representing the standard Western value system. It is the most common system of Morality. If you do not specify, your character begins with Humanity.

The following table gives examples of acts that trigger Morality checks for characters with Humanity. For example, a character with a Humanity of 7 would be required to make a Conviction check on committing any theft, mass property damage, manslaughter, or murder. This is not comprehensive by any means.

Humanity Action
10 Allowing any of below actions to occur
9 Deliberate emotional injury to another
8 Deliberate physical injury to another
7 Petty theft (shoplifting)
6 Grand theft (burglary)
5 Intentional, mass property damage (arson)
4 Impassioned crime (manslaughter)
3 Planned crime (murder)
2 Casual/callous crime (serial murder)
1 Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder)
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