A Specialized Maneuver grants a +1 modifier to the Basic Maneuver on which it's based. Each additional Limitation provides another +1. For example, the Heavy Punch adds +3 to damage: +1 because it is a Specialized Maneuver, +1 because it has a Prerequisite, and another +1 because of the Committed limitation. Evasion subtracts 3 from the Difficulty. Limitations always provide +1; it is not possible for a Limitation to provide a greater modifier.

Many Maneuvers have one or more prerequisites. Complex unarmed combat moves often require either Soft or Hard Martial Arts 5. A Maneuver to decapitate your opponent with a single blow of your greatsword might require Greatsword 5. Complicated Maneuvers such as Spear Catching may require you to learn simpler versions first. Simple moves may not have a prerequisite, but the best Maneuvers require mastery of the underlying skills.

Possible Limitations include the following.

Committed: The Maneuver may not be used in split dice pools.

Two-Handed: The Maneuver requires both hands.

Prerequisite: One or more Maneuvers must be learned before this one, or one or more skill must be at 5 before this Maneuver can be acquired, or both.

+2 Difficulty: Difficulty is increased by 2.

Inaccurate: -2 dice.

No Defensive Actions: No defensive actions may be taken the turn this Maneuver is used or the following turn.

Minimum Damage: A minimum amount of damage must be achieved before the effect is initiated.

Exhausting: You take a level of unsoakable Bashing Damage each time you use this Maneuver.

Follow Through: The Maneuver can only be used immediately after a designated Maneuver is used successfully.

Taxing: The Maneuver can only be used once every three turns.

Focus: You act at -3 initiative when using this Maneuver.

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