Ahh, sweet nectar of the gods … Chi, Prana, Kundalini, or electrolytes are all known names of Mana. Sorcerers instinctively use Mana to fuel their spells, drawing small bits from the world around them to power their spells. Those Gifted with the Mana pool are now able to store this energy in themselves as a reservoir to work with.

Mana is represented as a pool Gifted at 10 points. Most sorcerers will only be able to hold a maximum of 10 points at any given time, whereas those with the Mage Template will be able to hold 20. Points typically don't automatically regenerate during a Game, but it is assumed that the Sorcerer will restore their pool between Games, and will start a Game with a full pool; those with the Mage Template will start with 10 +1d10.

A Sorcerer may use up to three (3) Mana points per spell/ritual cast to do any combination of these effects:
(a) lower the difficulty of any spell cast (to no lower than 3)
(b) buy additional successes
(c) reduce the threshold needed to complete the spell/ritual by one

Example: Lydian is getting ready to blow something up with a Hellfire 5 spell. He chooses to use 3 Mana to add two automatic successes to his pool, and to lower the difficulty of the spell by one. He could have also used those same points to lower the difficulty by 3, or to have 3 additional successes to his total.

Recovery of Mana is very personal and specific to each Sorcerer. A Sorcerer will start every Game with a full pool of Mana. As Mana points are spent during the Game, each Sorcerer should have a detailed description of a ritual they can use to recover Mana. Most of these rituals are quite lengthy (minimum of 10 minutes in duration) and may be difficult to do "on the fly." After the ritual is completed, the Sorcerer will recover an amount of Mana equal to the number of successes on a Perception + Meditation (Difficulty 7) roll.

There are Sorcery Paths and Rituals which can speed up the recovery of Mana.

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