Metabolic Pools

"Metabolic" pools is a catch-all reference to any pool of points that is derived from a unique biological process. Blood Pools are technically Metabolic, as are numerous other unique ones ("Flower Power", "Infection", "Nourishment","Sin" & similar).

They essentially follow 2 patterns.

  • A 1-10 non-permanent rating that is filled as you perform the functions of the unique metabolism in question (Eating, Hibernating, etc).
  • An ascending 1-10 pool that accumulates points but is weaker as you spend them (Example: You gain 1 point per day, some effects cost points, but the overall effects are diminished as you burn points).

No one has a Metabolic pool unless awarded as a Gift. When you are awarded one (typically as part of a Template or Power) you will be told what the points may be spent for & how they are regained.

Common Side Effects: The strain of metabolic consumption often has serious side effects. Common ones include:
*Altered Diet (Must subsist on some unusual substance, must eat twice as much as before, etc.)
*Hibernation: When you sleep, you enter a state of hibernation, becoming almost impossible to awaken.
*Physical Strain: You suffer Bashing damage under certain conditions from physical strain on the body.

An example of a Metabolic Pool is Blood.

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