Passion. Intensity. Ecstasy. These represent the nature of the emotional energy represented by Pathos. Characters with Pathos are effectively emotional vampires, experiencing transcendental moments of sheer passion that allow them to overcome the limitations of less enlightened individuals.

Pathos Points
Pathos is represented by a temporary pool rated 1-10. There is no permanent Pathos score, & the temporary rating is expected to fluctuate wildly. Pathos points are spent to fuel supernatural abilities as indicated in individual Power descriptions. It has no other use (unless rewarded).

Pathos is fueled by Passions. Passions are effectively Backgrounds reserved for Characters who use Pathos as a Power Source. As Backgrounds, they cost 7 x.p. for level "1" & Current rating x3 to raise. Passions dictate the actions that give the Character Pathos. A Passion describes a specific action that causes peak emotion for the Character. It should be written describing the Act required, then the core emotion behind it, like so:

Destroy Monsters (Hate): 5

Protect Children (Love): 3

Anytime you actually perform the listed act, you may roll your rating in the Passion (Difficulty: 6), with each success gaining a point of Pathos. Anytime you witness someone experience one of the Core emotions behind one of your Passions, you may roll it's rating (Difficulty: 8), with each success scoring a pathos point.

You Destroy a Vampire, & roll 5 Passion dice at a difficulty of 6. You get 2 successes, thus gain 2 Pathos (up to a max of 10). Later you see a mother tuck in her child for the night & roll 3 Passion (Love) dice at a difficulty of 8, gaining 1 success (and thus one Pathos).

A side effect of constantly experiencing such extremes of mystical emotion is a tendency to be a "Pathos Junkie" always craving the rush of gaining Pathos energy. Characters with Pathos suffer the following side effects:

At 7+ Points, the Character is on top of the world, happy & talkative. No penalties.

At 3-6 points, the Character is a bit edgy, and will actively seek out there Passions if not immediately dangerous to do so. Self-Control rolls are at +1 Difficulty.

At 0-2 points, the Character is actively terse & grim. They are moody, irritable, & will deliberately try to manipulate others into experiencing there Core Emotions. Self-Control rolls are at +2 Difficulty.

Awarding Pathos
When the Pathos pool is awarded as a Gift, the Character receives the 1-10 temporary pool & 5 points in Passions of there choice. New Passions may be awarded or purchased as desired.

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