The province of Berserker Warriors, Werewolves, & Mad-Dog Killers, Rage is the mark of lunatic fury & the unstoppable (& uncontrollable) power it brings.

It is a Permanent 1-10 Rating, awarded at 1 level. It costs C. R. x2 to raise. You may never spend more Temporary points than half your Permanent rating per turn.

Rage has the following effects:

*Rage based Powers may require you to roll your Permanent rating or spend Rage points.
*Rage may be spent to gain extra actions, 1 per point spent at the beginning of the round.
*A rage point may be spent to ignore a "Stun" result.
*If reduced below incapacitated, you may spend a w.p. & roll Rage (Diff: 8) to instantly recover a number of health Levels equal to your successes (including Aggravated, but not lost limbs). You suffer a permanent debilitating Battle Scar when you employ this ability, & automatically enter Frenzy. Regardless, this may only be attempted once per Scene.

Rage points are regained whenever something occurs that would infuriate you. Whenever this occurs, you may Roll Rage (Diff: 6) & regain a number of Rage points equal to the successes rolled. If you ever get 3+ successes on a Rage roll, you automatically enter Frenzy targeting the source of your anger.

Rage has the following side effects:
*Frenzy: As mentioned, anytime you gain 3+ successes on a Rage roll, you enter a homicidal, berserk frenzy aiming to kill the target of your anger, & ANYONE who gets in your way. While in this state, you may only use Talents, lacking the focus for Skills & Knowledges.
*Degeneration: If you ever fall to "0" Enlightenment, you lose your character to a permanent Frenzy.
*Inner Beast: For every point your Rage rises above your Enlightenment score, you lose -1 die to all social rolls, as people sense the bloodthirsty mani lurking just beneath.

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