Secondary Abilities List

Accounting - (Management)
Acupressure - (Medicine)
Acupuncture - (Medicine)
Acrobatics - Acrobatics implies skills and suppleness beyond that granted by Athletics, but would not necessarily apply in situations requiring strength or stamina. (Athletics)
Alchemy - (Occult)
Animal Training - (Animal Ken)
Anthropology - (Culture)
Archeology - (Academics)
Archery - (Firearms/Athletics)
Architecture - (Engineering)
Armorsmith - (Crafts)
Aromatherapy - (Medicine)
Art History - (Academics)
Artillery - (Firearms)
Artistic Expression - (Performance)
Astrology - The understanding of the effects the cosmos has on fate (Occult)
Astronomy - The study of space as a static science (Science)
Beautician - (Crafts)
Biology - (Science)
Blacksmith - (Crafts)
Blind Fighting - The skill of Blind Fighting allows a character with no ability to see engage in combat with people that are within melee range of her as though they see perfectly.(Brawl)
Boat Handling - (Pilot)
Body Language - (Linguistics)
Bookie - (Management)
Botany - The scientific study of plants (Science)
Brewing/Distilling - (Crafts)
Bribery - (Persuasion)
Business - (Management)
Calligraphy - (Crafts)
Cartography - (Academics)
Camouflage - It's a rock, no, it's a stick! No! It's a guy with a gun!(Stealth)
Carousing - The knowledge of how to party, as well as the ability to party into the wee hours of the morn. Though derivative of a talent and a knowledge it is definitely a skill.(Endurance/Culture)
Carpentry - (Crafts)
Cheating - (Legerdemain/Subterfuge)
Chemistry - (Science)
Chiropracty - (Medicine)
City Secrets - (Academics/Culture/Investigation)
Climbing - (Athletics)
Composition - Choose a type, such as Photography, Music, Poetry, etc (Academics)
Computer Hacking - (Computer)
Computer Programming - (Computer)
Conducting - Leading an orchestra or band (Performance)
Cooking - (Crafts/Performance)
Creativity - (Intuition)
Criminology - (Investigation)
Cryptography - (Academics)
Cryptozoology - The scientific study of supernatural creatures (Occult)
Cybernetics - (Science/Engineering)
Dancing - May choose a specific type (Performance/Athletics)
Dead Languages - Works like Linguistics, but for dead languages such as Latin, Egyptian, Mayan, etc. (Linguistics)
Debate - (Persuasion/Performance)
Deception - (Subterfuge)
Diplomacy - (Persuasion)
Disguise - (Performance)
Ecology - (Science)
Economics - (Management/Academics)
Electronic Surveillance - (Engineering/Investigation)
Electronics - (Engineering/Science)
Engineering (subtype) - Choose a type, such as Civil, Electrical, Nuclear, Mining, Mechanical, etc. (Engineering)
Escapology - (Legerdemain)
Falconry - (Animal Ken)
Fast-Draw - (Legerdemain)
Fast-Talk - (Subterfuge)
Finance - (Management)
Fine Arts - Choose a type (Performance)
First Aid - (Medicine)
Fishing - (Survival)
Fletching - (Crafts)
Focus - (Meditation)
Forensics - (Investigation/Medicine)
Forgery - (Legerdemain/Computer)
Fortune Telling - Choose between fake or real (Subterfuge/Occult)
Forward Observation - (Investigation)
Fund Raising - (Persuasion/Management)
Gambling - (Legerdemain/Academics)
Game Playing - (Legerdemain/Academics/Computer)
Genetics - (Medicine/Science)
Geology - The scientific study of the earth (Science)
Gunsmithing - (Crafts/Engineering)
Haggling - (Persuasion)
Hand Weapon - Choose a specific weapon, such as sword or knife (Melee)
Healing - (Medicine/Occult)
Hearth Wisdom - (Culture)
Heraldry - (Management/Academics)
Herbalism - The study of the mystical and healing properties of plants (Medicine/Occult/Science)
Hiding - (Stealth)
History - (Academics)
Holistic Medicine - (Medicine)
Humanities - A general knowledge of art and literature (Academics)
Hunting - (Survival)
Hypnotherapy - (Psychology)
Hypnotism - (Psychology)
Impersonation - (Subterfuge/Performance)
Indoctrination - (Psychology)
Instruction - (Academics/Performance)
Interrogation - (Intimidation/Persuasion)
Intrigue - (Subterfuge/Management)
Jeweler aka Lapidary - (Crafts)
Journalism - (Academics/Investigation)
Knowledge - Choose a specific mundane knowledge, such as an area, plant, or animal (Varies)
Language - Choose a specific language. This implies a much deeper understanding than that imparted by Linguistics. (Linguistics)
Leadership - (Management)
Leatherworking - (Crafts)
Lip Reading - (Linguistics)
Literature - (Academics)
Lock Picking - Non electronic Locks only (Legerdemain)
Logic - (Academics/Computer)
Magic Theory - (Legerdemain/Performance for stage magic; Occult for real magic)
Marketing - (Management/Psychology)
Massage - (Medicine)
Masonry - (Crafts/Engineering)
Masquerade - How Vampires pretend they aren't dead (Occult)
Mathematics - (Academics)
Mechanic - (Crafts)
Metallurgy - (Crafts/Engineering)
Meteorology - (Science plus Performance if on-air)
Military Science - (Management/Academics)
Mimicry - (Linguistics, Animal Ken for animal mimicry)
Minerology - Knowledge of the mystical properties of stones, crystals, and metals (Science/Occult)
Music Theory - (Academics/Performance)
Myth and Legend - Choose a specific type (Occult)
Naturalist - (Survival/Science)
Navigation - (Survival)
Negotiation - (Persuasion)
Notice - (Alertness/Investigation)
Oratory - (Performance)
Painting - (Crafts/Performance)
Panhandling - (Persuasion)
Parachuting - (Athletics)
Past Life Regression - (Psychology/Occult)
Philosophy - (Academics/Occult)
Physics - (Science)
Pickpocket - (Legerdemain)
Play Instrument - Choose an instrument (Performance)
Poetic Expression - (Performance)
Police Procedure - (Management)
Pottery - (Crafts)
Psychoanalysis - (Psychology)
Public Speaking - (Performance)
Questioning - (Intimidation/Persuasion)
Reflexology - (Medicine)
Repair - (Crafts)
Riding - (Animal Ken)
Rituals - (Occult)
Running - (Athletics)
Scan - (Investigation)
Scrounging - (Investigation)
Scuba - (Athletics)
Search - (Investigation)
Seduction - (Persuasion)
Sense - (Intuition)
Shapeshifting - (Endurance/Occult)
Singing - (Performance)
Skiing - (Athletics)
Sleight of Hand - (Legerdemain)
Smooth Talking - (Persuasion/Subterfuge)
Snares - (Survival)
Speed Reading - (Academics)
Sport - Choose a specific sport: an athlete with five dots Football who wanted to play Pro golf would need a new trait in Golf (Athletics)
Storytelling - (Performance)
Strategy - (Management)
Style - (Academics/Psychology)
Surgery - (Medicine)
Surveillance - (Investigation)
Swimming - (Athletics)
Tactics - (Management)
Taxidermy - (Crafts)
Thanatology - (Academics/Medicine)
Theology - Choose a specific religion (Academics/Occult)
Throwing - It matters little whether a thrown dart is intended to kill an opponent or to win a match down the pub. (Athletics)
Torture - (Intimidation)
Toxicology - (Medicine)
Tracking -(Survival)
Trance - (Meditation)
Traps - You know how to set traps to catch animals, or possibly people. (Survival)
Ventriloquism - Throwing your voice and speaking without moving your mouth. (Legerdemain/Linguistics)
Veterinary Medicine - (Animal Ken/Medicine)
Weaponsmith - Specify what kind of weapon (Crafts)
Weight Lifting - (Athletics)
Writing - (Academics)
Woodworking - (Crafts)
Xenobiology - The study of alien life forms (Science)
Zoology - The study of animals (Animal Ken/Science)

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