Traumas are the core component to and only systemed facet of morality and sanity in House Games. They represent events or actions that might take place which could be traumatic to your character. If one of these events happens, you must roll your temporary willpower difficulty 7. If you are out of temporary willpower, you may roll a single die difficulty 8. Failure results in a new 2-point Derangement. It could be a significant phobia, PTSD, or some other fitting mental disability. If you botch, you lose a permanent point of willpower. Whether your character regrets the action or not is not determined by the result of the roll. The result of the roll simply states whether it was significantly traumatizing, not your reaction.

Characters are generally limited to one trauma roll per scene, unless they consistently choose to take traumatic actions (say killing a second or third hostage after the first). Other extraordinary effects, such as viewing a mythos being, can trigger trauma rolls.

Most humans have Murder, Humanity, and Torture. If you're playing a sociopath or have any sort of abnormal psychology, you can change it up. You may come up with a new Trauma for your character with GM approval. High rollers may substitute one trauma for another during a Downtime, for the cost of 3 xp.

List of Traumas


  • Murder: Kill a human for any reason other than immediate self defense.
  • Humanity: Witnessing a humanitarian atrocity (torture, massacre, mutilation, rape)
  • Torture: Being tortured (solitary confinement for an extended period, physical torture)

Alternative Options

  • Near-Death Experience: Any near-death experience. For example dropping to incapacitated in combat or hanging onto a cliff by your fingertips waiting for rescue would trigger a Trauma roll.
  • Capture: If you are ever held against your will, imprisoned, or tied up, roll Trauma.
  • Monsters: Seeing any supernatural beast for the first time is traumatic.
  • Betrayal: You are extremely sensitive about being lied to or led on. Whenever you discover you've been tricked or led to believe something that isn't true, roll Trauma.
  • Failure: You are a perfectionist or a megalomaniac. Major failures of any sort are difficult for you to handle. Roll Trauma every time you lose a game or fail a task in your areas of expertise.
  • Submission: You are an utter narcissist; any time you go along with someone else's plan or idea, whether by force or by choice, roll Trauma.
  • Xenophobia: You are defined by your identity. If you are forced to partake in a culture outside your own, roll Trauma.
  • Injustice: Any time you allow someone (even through inaction) to escape justice for a major action they took, roll Trauma.
  • Sin: You are a true believer. You have a defined religious code (must be defined at character creation), and any time you violate that code, you must roll Trauma.


See the Derangements page

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