True Faith

True Faith
Not all followers of a religion are considered to possess True Faith, for only the most devout can bring to bear the strength of belief necessary to carry that faith into the outer world. True Faith is a deep abiding connection that often pays little heed to mortal institutions. One need not belong to an organized religion to wield Faith.
True Faith has a potential rating of 10. You must have a Morality of 8+ to wield the powers of Faith. If you fall below this score, your abilities are rendered defunct until you restore your Path rating.

True Faith costs Current Rating x2 to raise. Temporary True Faith is restored through acts of pious devotion to one’s religious calling, with points being awarded by the GM. There are a number of Powers available only to the wielders of True Faith.

True Faith has the following effects:

  • You may spend a point of temporary True Faith in any way that a Willpower Point may be used
  • True Faith may be rolled as Passive Countermagic (Difficulty: 6) against any hostile magic that targets the wielder. This Countermagic will not stack with other Passive sources.
  • True Faith may also be used to ward off the Damned,. To do this, the wielder presents his holy symbol & commands the Damned to retreat. Make a True Faith roll (Difficulty: Target's Willpower score). If the wielder scores at least 1 success, the Damned must stop. If 3 or more successes are scored, the Damned must flee. This effect may be utilized against a number of targets equal to the wielders True Faith score per attempt. Against the Tainted, they may resist this effect by spending a number of WP points equal to your successes.

Holy Symbols
Normally, any application of True Faith Numina requires the presentation of a holy symbol (crucifix, Star of David, sprig of mistletoe) appropriate to the priest's religion. After reaching Beatific Faith (6+), such crutches are no longer required.

Holy Ground
An area that is determined Holy Ground has a Faith rating from 1 (weak but continual devotion) to 5 (The center of a powerful faith). While standing in holy ground, the wielder may add this rating to his own for all True Faith rolls.

The term "Damned" will hereafter refer to any creature fully subject to the effects of True Faith. Individual GM's will decide if there own creations count into the following, which are ALWAYS considered Damned (The "Humanity" law for Vampires no longer applies).
The Damned include: Demons, Banes, Vampires, Wraiths, Specters, Fiends, Risen, Kuei-Jin, Cursed Zombies

The term "Tainted" applies to any being that has been touched by the Damned in some way, but is not Damned themselves.
The list of Tainted includes: Fomori, Vampiric Ghouls, Possessed, Infernalists, Nephandi, Dhampyr, Some Zombies

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