Veteran Characters

All characters who have received the "Veteran Template" and are recognized as mechanically sound.

Character Name Cell Wiki Username
Adrien Ciquoni Portland Hiro Protaganist
Bernard Simmons Nevada County Dannymcc
Charles Raslow Portland X-Marks-The-Spot
Dorian Ovid Davis Shady Tradesman
Harold Grimlitch San Francisco lucienshand
Jake Brody Portland Bratovitch
James Coleman Alabama Mr Sleep
John Hays Alabama Falthon
Lawrence Wilde San Francisco Doc Ether
Mr. X Portland X-Marks-The-Spot
Nic Moyers Los Angeles Zen Bastard
Sasha Mengele Portland Omennik
Stefan De'Vries Portland Bratovitch
Titania Weiss Portland MrsMatus
Tomas Night Texas Foreverdragon
William Etheridge Alabama Falthon
Winston Peck Portland Terence Hui
Zak Porter Nevada County Doc Ether
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