The bulk of a High Roller's story is told within the Games themselves. However, those Games just get so damn busy, and even the most organized High Roller finds themselves bringing their work home, and doing things outside of the Games. The time that your character spends in between Games is known as Downtime.

The Passage of Time

Time within the world of House Games clearly passes much more rapidly than time here in the real world. Within a Game itself, the GM has some flexibility about the flow of time, but outside of gameplay, a standardized ratio is needed, in order to keep some level of continuity within the group, and to provide guidance to systems which are based on the passage of time, such as recovery from Injuries.

The rule of thumb for time is this: one week of real time equals one game month. This was chosen because weekly meetings are a common practice among role-playing groups, and because counting is hard and this makes it fairly easy. If a smaller increment is needed, one day of real time equals approximately 4 days of game time.


If a character is inactive, one month of real time equals one game month for that character. Generally, an inactive character is one who does not go on Games or receive ringer XP or GM XP, is not engaged in side activities, and is not with an active character. Becoming inactive is optional; you may choose for your character to remain active if you don't mind aging.

Downtime Actions

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