Firearms By Geographic Region

Unless you're relatively well-off, the guns which your character is able to obtain and use depend heavily on which country you are in. There are a large number of weapons manufacturers all across the world, and all but the biggest ones tend to meet local demand for weaponry. In addition, every country's military and law enforcement entities have their own weapons contracts and standards for which firearms are acceptable.

Ultimately, most guns of the same type and ammo size are just as effective as the others in that category of weapon. Developing your character's weapon inventory, should you wish to go beyond the generic statistics provided on the Equipment page, is less a matter of min-maxing the available weapon stats and more a matter of what you would realistically have access to, given your citizenship, level of wealth, and amount of military service. This page attempts to make that decision as simple as possible to navigate, while still offering a wealth of information for those who are interested.

This page covers weapons used in the contemporary world. If your character is interested in older guns, please visit Antique Firearms or Guns of the World War Era.

Military and Law Enforcement Weapons

Civilian Weapons

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