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Notes from Dylan

Hey y'all, just some notes on the way things are now structured, to keep in mind if you're gonna make edits.

In general, the pages listed under The Basics tab are intended as general guides to the important aspects of House Games, while the pages under the other tabs are intended to be more comprehensive articles about narrower topics. Please place new articles onto the nav:top page accordingly. Additionally, please keep this structure in mind while assigning Parent pages.

I'm trying to retain all information on the old system of House Games for posterity. Instead of just deleting out of date pages, please retire them by renaming them with "old:" in front of the current name, and please change the Parent page to Old Stuff. If the outdated information is just a section from an otherwise acceptable page, please transfer the section to either the Removed Stats page or the Removed Rules page.

If you are going to delete a page, please choose the option to rename it with "deleted:" at the front rather than removing it from the wiki entirely.

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