This page discusses specific rules that apply to different types of movement.

Base Movement Speed

Outside of combat, relative speed on foot will be determined by Athletics rolls when necessary.

Within combat, characters on foot are able to cross some distance as a free action, without interrupting other combat actions. A character on foot can move 5 feet, plus another 5 for every point of Dexterity they have, without taking any penalty to their combat actions. They may move up to an additional 5 feet per point of Strength they have, but will take a -1 dice penalty to their combat action per 5 feet extra that they travel.

For example, Jenny the Blade, a knife-fighter from the rough streets of Belfast, wants to charge the armed guards surrounding the vehicle she's trying to rob and slash at their throats. She is 35 feet away, and has 4 Dexterity and 3 Strength. She is able to move 25 feet for free thanks to her 4 points in Dexterity, and can move up to 15 more feet due to her 3 points in strength, so she can cover the full distance, but because she went 10 feet over her base movement speed, she loses 2 dice on her attack roll.

Jumping and Climbing

A character can jump 1 vertical foot or 4 horizontal feet per point of Strength. These numbers are assuming a running jump; for jumping from a standstill, they are cut in half. In combat, jumping will require a Dexterity + Athletics roll in order to successfully make that distance. If a player wants to attempt a jump which is longer than they could ordinarily make, the difficulty of the roll will increase by 1 for every extra foot they need to clear.

Climbing will always require a Dexterity + Athletics roll, with players being able to move 5 feet plus 2 feet per success on their roll. The difficulty is set by the GM, based on the surface they are scaling, with a ladder or an easy wall being set at standard difficulty 6.


Characters who are totally unencumbered can swim at a speed of 5 feet per point in Athletics per round of combat. So, a character with 3 points in Athletics will be able to make it 15 feet within a single combat round. Any amount of encumbrance at all - for example, if you are wearing a backpack - cuts this speed in half. A character at full encumbrance (see below) who finds themselves stuck in the water is unable to swim, and begins to sink down. If they remain submerged in the water for a number of minutes equal to their Stamina, they become Incapacitated and being to Drown.


All movement and combat actions and rolls, with the exception of swimming, assume that a character is carrying some amount of weight, such as a backpack or satchel. If a character is totally unencumbered (i.e. carrying nothing but maybe a small object in their hand, plus their clothes), they receive a +1 dice bonus to all movement and martial combat actions.

A character can carry 15 pounds per point of Strength with no penalty. Once a character hits that limit, they are considered Over-Encumbered, and take a -1 dice penalty per 15 pounds over their limit.

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