This page discusses specific rules that apply to different types of movement.

Movement Speed

Walking: 4 meters per turn
Jogging: (7 + Dexterity) meters per turn
Running: (9 + [3 x Dexterity]) meters per turn

If you act while moving, each meter moved requires you to spend one die for a Dexterity + Athletics check. If you move more meters than you have dice, then you are spending the entire turn moving (unless you have an appropriate Maneuver or special ability).

Jumping and Climbing

A character can jump 1 vertical foot or 4 horizontal feet per point of dexterity.

Under ideal conditions, a climbing character moves 10 feet per success during a climb of average difficulty, 15 feet per success in an easy climb, or 5 feet per success in a difficult climb. [NEEDS SPEED RESTRICTION]



A character can carry 25 pounds per point of Strength with no penalty. For every 25 pounds over this weight:

  • The difficulty of all physical actions is increased by 1.
  • Character's base movement is halved

Total encumbrance cannot be more than 50 pounds per point of Strength.

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