Archetype comprises the fundamental idea of your character and has three primary foundations. While these components have no game rules attached to them, they are important in defining who your character is.


Nature is a one or two word description of who your character is at the core. Is he a Thrill Seeker, a Scoundrel, or a Puzzle Solver? Maybe he’s Cold Blooded or Passionate? What is the filter he sees the world through? Choosing the right phrase will act as a touchstone for deciding what actions the character would take and why.


Whatever your character is really like, Demeanor is a one or two word description of how he presents himself to the world. This is the mask your character wears when interacting with other people. Is he Concerned Citizen, a Smooth Operator, or a Drunkard? The possibilities are endless, but choosing the right phrase provides a touchstone for how to roleplay his interaction with other characters.


This is a one or two word phrase that encapsulates the entire idea of the character. Is he an Effete Aristocrat, a Wannabe Ninja, or a Sainted Serial Killer? Keep it short and specific. Also keep in mind that House Games is about creating unique Powers for unique characters. The better your initial Concept, the easier it will be for your GM to tailor Powers.

See character concept for help in making a concept.

Concepts are not optional. Every character must have a clearly explainable Concept, and will only receive Gifts appropriate to that Concept.

Starting High Rollers are always fully human, with no magic and no special abilities.

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