Example Character (Old System)

Using the guidelines on the House Games Wiki as a reference, this is an example character for illustration.

Novice High Roller Example

Player: Corey Sadface
Name: Jean-David Perreux (pronounced ‘zhahn dah-veed’ or just ‘J.D.’) Master's of Science in Archeology, pursuing Doctorate.
Nature: Conniver
Demeanor: Architect
Concept: The armchair seeker of lost civilizations.
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Residence: Flat near a prominent Paris university.


Generally dressed for academia with sweater vest and necktie, Jean David is in poor shape, with a developing pot belly. He is friendly and often inspires people to look to him for advice and criticism. French Caucasian, he has a long nose that has a small cleft in the tip. His dull brown hair is always neat and tidy and parted on the side. He wears thick glasses with black plastic frames. His skin is quite pale because he doesn't go outside very often for long. He speaks a wide variety of dead languages and his English has a thick French accent (he likes it that way).


J.D.'s grandfather believed in the lost civilization of Atlantis and had all kinds of theories about where it was, how it vanished and the power of its technology and even magic. J.D. believes too and has pursued a Doctorate in Archeology to better hunt for it. He has shunned teaching in favor of research and already has a number of papers that are press worthy, but thus far has kept all his findings to himself. He has a small inheritance from his grandfather that allows for a comfortable life.
J.D. is running out of useful resources in the libraries of Europe and his thoughts have been turning to field work in order to question some of the evidence that others may have misinterpreted. Thus far J.D. has not found any incontrovertible evidence, but he has found several fragments similar to what his grandfather had pieced together and is beginning to wonder if the legend of Atlantis arose from the story of another place. He's begun scrutinizing sites in southern Africa.


"Great scholars the world over, since time immemorial, have tried and failed but they did not have my Grandfather's notes. Ever since he told me that first story when he put me into bed, I could feel it; my proverbial finger was caught in the gears and I knew what I had to do.
Therefore, let us take another look at what this Sanskrit tablet is trying to say. Hold this, if you please. Merci."


To uncover the lost power and glory of Earth's forgotten civilizations, especially Atlantis or another civilization that may have encouraged the legend and to make that power and glory his own.
Eventually, he is likely to become fascinated with magic as well as quite skilled with technology, eventually blending the two. He also may come to fear demons, vampires and other monsters and begin to hunt them.


-Physical- (3 total)

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2

-Social- (7 total)

Appearance: 2
Manipulation: 4
Charisma: 4

-Mental- (5 total + 1 from freebies)

Intelligence: 4
Wits: 1
Perception: 4 (-5 freebies)


-Talents- (9 total)

Alertness: 3
Expression: 1
Intuition: 1
Persuasion: 1
Subterfuge: 3

-Skills- (5 total)

Animal Ken:
Engineering: 1
Etiquette: 3
Performance: 1

-Knowledge- (13 total + 2 from freebies)

Academics: 3
Computer: 1
Culture: 2
Investigation: 2 (2 x (-2) = (-4) freebies)
Linguistics: 4 (French, English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian)
Occult: 1
Research: 3



Resources: 3 (Flat near university, good credit, and decently invested small inheritance.)
Library: 2 (Grandfather's notes, and fragments unearthed through his own work)


(2pt) Eidetic Memory - Mind like a steel trap.
(1pt) Aptitude: Linguistics (-2 Difficulty to rolls involving Linguistics)


(1pt) Defective Sense: Sight (uncorrectable; +2 Difficulty to Perception rolls relying on sight)
(2pt) Phobia: Spiders - Their physical presence has his attention, their close proximity is uncomfortable, and touching them is much too terrifying. Ask someone else to squish it.

-Virtues- (7 total)

Conscience: 3
Self Control: 4
Courage: 3

Enlightenment (Humanity): 7

Willpower: 8 (-5 freebies)
( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )

-Health Levels-

( ) Bruised
( )-1 Hurt
( )-1 Injured
( )-2 Wounded
( )-2 Mauled
( )-5 Crippled
( ) Incapacitated




+15 Freebies
+3 Flaws
-4 for Investigation x 2
-5 for +1 Perception
-5 for +4 Willpower
-4 Merits


eye glasses (Gucci, thick black frames and reacts to darken in brighter light)
eye glasses carrying case (Gucci)
dress shirt and slacks
brown leather belt
brown leather loafers
red and white necktie
checkered sweater vest
black dress socks
black underwear
handbag (Louis Vuitton, strap over one shoulder)
3 ball-point, black pens
1 felt tip black permanent marker
3 mechanical pencils
a netbook (a mini laptop: 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 750GB HDD, Wireless or Wired network, Bluetooth, Windows Vista, 4 hour battery life, large collection of digital documents for translations, dictionaries, historical reference, digital copies of Grandfather's notes (encrypted), OCR software, scanning and digital image enhancement and manipulation software, media players, collection of music and anime, email client, browser, )
power supply with Universal adapter
extra netbook battery (charged)
2 x USB flash drives, 16GB
a USB scanner-in-a-rod - he can swipe this over a document to create a quick digital image scan of any relatively flat surface.
2 notebooks (three ring binders full of paper, notes and school documents)
folio with photocopies of Grandfather's notes (originals in a safe deposit box)
variety of homework assignments, handouts, etc.
2 text books, 3 smaller books (required reading)
red laser pointer
world atlas
cellular phone (Bluetooth, digital camera/video/mic, 40GB storage)
cell phone charger
Mass Transit Card (40 Euros worth)
1000 Euros
university student ID
EU ID card
6 credit cards
2 bank cards
check book
French passport
breath freshening chewing gum
toothbrush, toothpaste (cover on bristles of brush)
iPod MP3/MPG player with headphones (100GB, mostly European techno music and anime videos)
USB cable for iPod
key chain (Pepper spray, LED light, keys to flat, and safe deposit box key)
wrist watch (Chopard)
ear plugs
.5 L mineral water
4 granola bars
2 chocolate bars
small, collapsible umbrella
magnifying glass
brush for dusting
plastic sample bags

-Games played-


-Gift mechanics-

None yet…
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