Generic Gifts (Old System)


Advantages are gifted at level 1 and cost current rating x 3 experience to advance.

Common Advantages

Ability Mastery

This power must be paired with an Ability (Firearms, Piloting, Underwater Basket Weaving). As you raise it, it complements the affected ability, bringing it to superhuman proportion.

Ability Mastery must be received as a Gift; it cannot be purchased. It costs Current Rating x 4 to increase. It is received at level 1, and can be increased to level 5.

Ability Mastery applies to one specific Ability, such as Firearms, Dodge, or Linguistics. It can be received multiple times (once for each Ability), and may be extended to Secondary Abilities at a cost of 10 XP per extension (e.g., Firearms Mastery could also cover Archery Mastery for 10 XP).

Ability Mastery (Current Rating x4)

1) Reduce the cost of purchasing the Ability by half (Typically to Current rating x1).

2) Lower the Difficulty of all rolls involving the Ability by -2 (If a Combat Skill, this modifier is reduced to -1).

3) Re-roll “10's” on all rolls. Considered “Specialized” in all application of the skill.

4) You may now raise the Ability to “6".

5) Add three dice to all rolls of the Ability.

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