Harbingers (Old System)

Harbingers are the most accomplished servants of the Powers That Be. Most of them were once High Rollers, but have achieved a plateau of power that places them as far beyond the Veterans as the Veterans are beyond the Novices. Harbingers are all highly unique individuals, & often represent all that is wicked about the ruthless pursuit of Power.

Harbingers primarily are utilized to collect the Characters, dole out Gifts, and see to it the Games proceed without interference. They appear to have rules laid out for them to follow, presumably by the Secret Masters, and make excuses sometimes that they are bound not to intervene in certain ways. Harbingers are not allowed to kill even Novice Characters unless attacked first. They may harm, harass, & manipulate the Characters however, provided they don't alter the Characters driving ambition.

Each regular GM will typically keep a unique Harbinger or two to add spice to his games. Often the Players will become embroiled with undermining or defeating the Harbinger, which can lead to interesting "Final Boss" situations.

It is poor etiquette to use another GMs Harbinger or distinctive Antagonists/Characters without informing them first. Often there are hidden sub-plots & other details involved, & it is best to be appraised of such things lest you grossly misinterpret another GMs story arc & thus subject yourself to a Tribunal Void. That being said, always ask before you act.

Noted Harbingers:

The Advocate
The Blood Countess
The Centurion
The Clever Prince
Company Man
The Crone
Damien, the White
The Director
Dr. Moth
Ebenezer Scattergood
Faun (Fawn)
The Final Note
Gilles de Rais
The Guide
The Hittite
The Illustrated Man
The Irishman
Isaiah Cross
James William H. Hinkley
Jethro Klaus
“King Willy”
"The Lord"
Mark Venice (Of no relation to the Mark most of us know.)
The Maw
Mr. Paper
The Prodigal Son
The Representative
Richard Tekkie
The Sky King
The Twins

oh, and Michael Ray, the runt of the litter.

Deceased Harbingers:

Chamber 5
Phineas Kov
The Third Party (Christopher Bell)

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