Morality represents your ethical values, as well as your overall sanity. While there are many potential systems of Morality one could follow, almost all characters begin with Humanity. Your Morality score has the following effects.

  • Your Morality rating determines when you need to make Degeneration checks.
  • Your Morality rating determines the Experience Point cost to "buy off" a Derangement.
  • Many Powers and effects target Morality.

Degeneration Checks: Whenever you act contrary to your ethics (per your Morality score), you must roll Conviction (typically Difficulty 6-8). If you fail, either your Morality drops by 1, or you gain a Derangement, as appropriate. (A botch results in both, or two Derangements at the discretion of the GM.) If you consistently act contrary to your ethics, the GM may rule that you forfeit a point of Morality without a Conviction roll.

If your Morality drops to 0, you bounce back to a rating of 1 and gain a Derangement. Some Flaws and Templates cause more frequent Degeneration checks, and will cause you to forfeit your character should you reach 0 Morality.

Most Derangements can be "bought off" at a cost of (11 - Morality) XP.

Changing Ethics: You may select a new ethical system during any downtime. You begin your new Morality score at 1. Obviously, this will leave you dangerously vulnerable while you gain resolve in your new ethics.

Increasing Morality: Morality can only be increased through roleplay. To increase your Morality, you must actively follow the new, higher Morality, and must post a special journal documenting this (separate from Journal Entries and Downtime Reports, and not eligible for XP). You may post one such journal per game month. If it is approved by the GM, you may roll Conviction + Morality (Difficulty: 6-10). You need a number of successes equal to the new rating (thus, 6 successes to achieve Morality 6). This may be made as an extended roll, with successes accumulating over time, as long as you qualify for a roll every month.

Paths of Morality: The following are ethical paths often pursued by High Rollers. You may create your own with GM approval.

Inverse Morality

Some Powers have a Difficulty of the Inverse Morality. Inverse Morality is equal to 11 - Morality. Thus:

Morality Inverse Morality
10 1
9 2
8 3
7 4
6 5
5 6
4 7
3 8
2 9
1 10
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