Mythic Attributes

Mythic Attributes allow a character to extend their attributes to legendary levels. They represent a particular supernatural mastery over a particular aspect of themselves. For a character to qualify for a mythic attribute, the feature must be apparent. For example Hercules with Strength, Helen with Appearance, William Tell or Robin Hood with Dexterity, etc. As such, not all characters may be granted mythic attributes. It is left up to the regional GM's discretion whether or not a given character may be granted them.

Beyond flavor, there are a few other restrictions on who can receive mythic attributes:

  • Body-Swappers are generally not fit for Mythic Attributes
  • The few characters who fall under the "near-immortal demigod" category cannot be granted mythic attributes
  • Characters with Augmentation generally cannot be granted mythic attributes
  • Characters who use powers to lower the cost and raise the trait cap of attributes cannot be granted mythic attributes

When mythic attributes are given as a gift, it allows the attribute in question to be bought up to 8. The player still needs to purchase those levels for the regular XP cost. Any given character can have a maximum of two mythic attributes, and these attributes can only be raised to a maximum of +3 (trait rating 8). Due to the extremely high experience cost, they are very, very rarely maxed out.

Mythic Attribute Powers

Mythic Wits

6) Me First!: You may opt to use your Wits score as your Initiative roll result rather that rolling. Quick Witted: When ever you "split" a dice pool, each pool receives a bonus die. You must still have a minimum of 2 dice per pool in addition to the bonus die.

7) Me Too!: You may forgo your Initiative result to instead use a score equal to the highest roll scored in the combat. Witty Comeback: You can "cancel" an action you just rolled for, after observing the result of the roll. Anyone targeted by this effect may roll Per. + Subterfuge (Diff: Your Wits + Subterfuge) to figure out something just happened, though they won't know what. Usable once per turn.

8) On the Wire: You are never surprised or caught off guard; you instantly react. Never Tell Me The Odds! You may attempt a skill that could be performed untrained by spending a w.p. & rolling your Wits rating instead of the relevant dice pool.

Mythic Intelligence

6) Intuitive Knowledge: You may “figure out” any basic Ability function that you are otherwise unskilled in. Roll Intelligence (Diff: 8), with each success gaining a “phantom dot” in the targeted Ability. This effect only applies when confronted with a particular situation, & fades at the end of the Scene. Only working knowledge is gained, & Secondary Skills may not be emulated. Academia: Your maximum Study Point total is now equal to your Willpower + Intelligence.

7) De-Bugging: Your mind is such a precision instrument, it swiftly notices anything out of place. You may roll Intelligence (Diff: 7) to “scan” for flaws in your thoughts. Any influence on your thoughts/mind will be detected, as well as Derangments, brain damage, etc. Perfect Memory: You may replay any event you have witnessed in your mind, in perfect detail, as desired. This effect surpasses Eidetic Memory as you may “revisit” the memory at will.

8) Deep Thinker: You may ponder an enigma for at least 1 hour, & roll Intelligence (Diff: 8). Success will reveal 1 clue or other tidbit you may have otherwise missed. Only usable once per enigma. Quick Learner: You gain 1 bonus Experience pt per game. This stacks with Fast Learner

Mythic Perception

6) Two Looks Away: Double range of all senses (normal or powers), Pin Drop: all senses considered Acute (-2 Difficulty)

7) Beyond the Horizon: Triple range of all senses. Saw it Coming: May use Perception in place of Dexterity in combat

8) Compensation: May compensate for any penalty to sensory input provided 2 senses are unhindered. Unlidded Eye: May defeat any illusion or stealth effect by rolling Perception (Diff: Highest power utilized +3).

Mythic Charisma

6)** Command:** When you make a request, be it to your secretary for a cup of coffee or a peek at the secret project, anyone who fails a Self-Control check (Diff: Your Charisma) does your bidding without a thought. Usable on a given target once per Scene. First Impression: You may dictate a short sentence that anyone meeting you will instantly associate with you. While this thought will not necessarily sway actions, they will think it every time they see you, & must roll Self-Control (Diff: Your Charisma) to not say it aloud

7)** Tell Me About It:** People open up to you, even when they know they shouldn't. Interact with the target for a scene and roll Charisma + Persuasion in an opposed roll against the target's Self-Control + Meditation. With enough successes, the target reveals what you want to know, and if you're subtle enough, may not even realize you were probing for information. More successes provide more complete answers and enable you to obtain more sensitive information. Look at Me: You are so interesting that people can't turn away. Target an individual, & roll Charisma + Persuasion (Difficulty: Target's Willpower). For the duration of the conversation, the target is completely oblivious to anything but you. Anguish (physical, mental, emotional or otherwise) can snap the target out of the fugue, but not much else can. However, the effect ends if the target is attacked.

8) ** Leadership: You can make a call to the masses to enlist for a coming war, to vote a specific way, or even order them to charge the machine gun emplacements. Works as Command, but effects everyone who can see/hear you. Can only be used on a given set of targets once per Scene. **Televised:Command & Leadership may now be used over live television or broadcasts, affecting anyone watching/listening. Recordings are not included in this effect.

Mythic Manipulation

6) Gaslighting: With conversation, you may choose to force a Sanity Check (Diff: Your Manipulation, if they fail you may design the Derangment), or “talk down” a crazed person, allowing them to roll your Manipulation (Diff: 8) as if it were a Clear Conscience check. Must be used within 10 minutes of gaining a Derangement. This effect need not be obvious, & may be used once per Scene.

7) Mindgames: With conversation, you may roll Man. + Psychology (Diff: target's Morality). Each success allows you to either restore or remove temporary willpower points, as you subtly degrade or bolster their morale. This effect need not be obvious, & may be used once per Scene.

8) Pantomime: You may communicate complex concepts with any sentient creature. Master Instructor: Study points gained from you may be used to purchase new abilities without an XP point invested, & you are capable of teaching anyone any skill/power/background that could be feasibly “taught” (Willshaper powers, Hands of Death, Tolerance, Sorcery, etc.). You may still only instruct up to your personal rating in the selected ability.

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