Powers, Pools, and Templates (Old System)


Powers are typically paths of five levels. These should be tailored to the individual, and should avoid replication of "canon" abilities (Obtenebration, say) or of Powers possessed by other players except in the most generic circumstances. A major point of the Games is to develop characters that are utterly unique from all others.

A character who receives a Power as a Gift will begin with one level. Most Powers cost Current Rating x 6 to advance.

Acute Senses and similar abilities do not provide a Difficulty reduction for most Powers.

Powers are considered supernatural but not magical.

In certain circumstances it may be possible for a character to teach a Power to another character.

A number of relatively generic Powers are available as examples.

Will-Shaper Powers

If all levels of a Power which is not defined as falling into another category only have a Willpower cost, you're a Will Shaper. To be a Will Shaper you must maintain a Willpower of 5 or higher. If your Willpower falls below 5, you lose the ability to use your Powers until it is restored to 5. This only applies to Will-Shaper Powers, and does not affect other types of Powers possessed by a Will-Shaper.


Pools are supplementary power sources used for a wide range of effects, such as activating Powers, or daily sustenance. A few have passive effects. Some even carry primarily negative effects.

Willpower is the most common Pool; every character has it. Generally, other Pools are awarded as Gifts. Some Pools (most often Metabolic Pools) may be awarded alongside a relevant Power in some cases.


The rarest Gifts of all, Templates redefine the base nature of the character. For example, the character may achieve the Vampire Template and become a Vampire. They cannot typically be achieved in a single Gift, and will usually be assigned a "rating" of Gifts and Quests that must be dedicated before they can be attained (3-10 being average). Once attained, the Template applies in full.

Several relatively generic Templates are available as examples.

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