Removed Rules


If you allocate XP from running a Game or playing a Ringer to a character with Fast Learner or Study Points, the character receives both the extra XP for Fast Learner and the Study Points as normal.



Once you have reached 4 in an Ability, you may specialize in a certain field. Write this down next to the Ability in question. When rolling in your specialty field, you may reroll 10's. Ones rolled on these rerolls are not subtracted from the number of successes.

Choosing a specialty is free and can be done as soon as you achieve four ranks in an Ability; however, it cannot be changed. As always, choose wisely.

Additionally, High Rollers may receive Ability Mastery in a specific ability, to further enhance their expertise.


When relevant, you have a number of fields determined by your ranks in an Ability.

Abilities that require a high degree of specialization, such as Science, Academics, allow one field per rank.

Other Abilities, such as Pilot, Survival, and Linguistics allow a greater number of fields, as follows.

  • One rank allows one field.
  • Two ranks allow a total of two fields.
  • Three ranks allow a total of four fields.
  • Four ranks allow a total of eight fields.
  • Five ranks allow a total of sixteen fields.

Feats of Strength

A character may make a Willpower check at Difficulty 9 to perform at higher Strength for a single action, with each success increasing their effective Strength by 1 point for that action (with a maximum increase of his Trait maximum, which is normally 5). Doing so costs 1 Willpower.

The following table provides a rough description of what a character is capable of at a given level of strength:

Strength Feats Lift
1 Break a flat-screen TV 40 lbs.
2 Break a 80 lbs.
3 Break down an interior door 200 lbs.
4 Break down a heavy wooden door 350 lbs.
5 Bend a gun barrel 550 lbs.
6 Rip into a locked car 650 lbs.
7 Break down a metal fire door 800 lbs.
8 Throw a cow (like literally) 1000 lbs.
9 Punch through a brick wall 1200 lbs.
10 Uproot an apple tree 1600 lbs.
11 Snap bullet proof glass 2100 lbs.
12 Throw a small car 3100 lbs.
13 Throw a station wagon 4100 lbs.
14 Destroy architectural support columns 5100 lbs.
15 Toss a great white shark out of the water 6200 lbs.

Acquiring Derangements

There are several ways to acquire Derangements, such as:

  • Failing or botching a Virtue roll
  • As the result of a spell or Power
  • Mythos Casting
  • As specified in a Template


As a result of being Imbued, High Rollers learn more rapidly than normal in the month following a Game. (This includes Games in which the character plays, Games the player referees, and Games in which the player runs a Ringer, as long as the XP is assigned to the character in question.) This month is known as Downtime. Characters may go on additional Games during Downtime if desired, but do not receive additional Downtime for doing so. Once their Downtime ends, they are eligible to receive another one by going on another Game. Thus, each character may only receive one Downtime per week of real time.

During Downtime, a character may receive Study Points, teach another character, or conduct research. These activities are mutually exclusive; it is not possible to do more than one in a single Downtime.

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