Study Points

You can receive Study Points from a Mentor, Library, or Laboratory, or from being instructed by another character. Retainers cannot teach or provide Study Points. Study Points do not stack; you can only receive them from one source during a single Downtime.

For Mentor, Library, or Laboratory, roll a number of dice equal to your rating; you receive a number of Study Points equal to the number of successes. Difficulty is 7 unless you have a trait that reduces it, such as Apt Pupil. If you botch, you lose all accumulated Study Points.

If another character is instructing you, they must roll Manipulation + the skill being taught, at a Difficulty of 11 minus the student's Intelligence. (This Difficulty may be further reduced by traits such as Apt Pupil.) The student receives one Study Point per success. An instructor can only teach one student during a single Downtime. The instructor's rank in the subject being taught must at least equal the rank the student is trying to attain. If the instructor botches, the student loses all accumulated Study Points.

It is possible to spend a Willpower Point on an Instruction roll, but not on a Study Point roll.

Study Points can only be spent in a specific area, which is determined by the source of the Study Points. For example, if your Mentor is a psychic, you can only spend Study Points on psychic abilities. A Library provides Study Points which can be spent on Knowledges, and possibly on spells (but only if it is an Occult Library). When another character instructs you, you must spend the study points on the subject they were teaching you.

Depending on the source, it may be possible to spend Study Points on Abilities, Powers, spells and rituals, Maneuvers, or buying off Derangements and certain other Flaws (such as Shy). It is never possible to spend Study Points on Attributes, Backgrounds, Pools, Virtues, or Ability Mastery.

You cannot receive Study Points, conduct research, or be taught if you instruct someone during that Downtime (even if you don't provide Study Points). A Study Point roll must be made whenever one character teaches another; if the roll is failed, the student did not learn the subject matter, and the time was wasted without benefit.

Only one subject can be taught per Downtime. Mythos spells can be taught in almost any number, but during that time nothing beyond Mythos spells can be taught. It is not possible to teach more than one Power at a time. As a result of being Imbued, it is not possible to learn from anyone but a Mentor or a High Roller.

You must spend at least 1 XP along with Study Points. For example, if you receive Study Points for Psychology and wish to advance from rank 1 to rank 3, you can spend 1 Study Point and 1 XP to advance to rank 2, and then spend 3 Study Points and 1 XP to advance to rank 3.

You can never save more Study Points than your Willpower.

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