Note: Virtues are a V1.0 stat. They do not exist in Version-1.5

Virtues and Morality measure the relative sanity of a character.

Virtue rolls are among the few on which you may not spend Willpower. They are always flat rolls, typically with Difficulty of 4 to 8. Average Difficulty is 7. Virtue rolls with Difficulty higher than 8 are always the product of supernatural powers. If you botch a Virtue roll you not only fail but also gain a Derangement.

Conviction determines the mental fortitude and overall conviction you have for your ideals. Conviction rolls are made whenever you contradict your ethics, are required to make a Sanity check, or feel you must justify your actions.

Self-Control measures your composure in stressful circumstances, as well as your ability to resist temptation or confusing stimuli. You may roll Self-Control when confronted with a horrifying scene, to resist base urges, or when subject to a powerful craving.

Courage: Guts. Bravery. Moxy. That's what Courage is. You may need to roll Courage when faced with a terrifying situation, or when you decide to act in an extremely dangerous manner (dive off a cliff, run through a gunfight, etc.).

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