Other Types of Damage

Other Sources of Damage


Falling - and subsequently landing - causes 1 damage per 10 feet fallen, up to a maximum of 20 damage at 200 feet. Armor does not apply. No attack roll is made; damage is automatic.

GM's may allow Athletics rolls, Powers, or less-splatty surfaces to mitigate the severity of the damage somewhat.

Fire and Electricity

Electricity and Fire damages ignore the typical threshold rule for increasing Wound Levels; instead, they increase Wound Level at a one to one ratio with the damage dealt.

The following table gives damage per turn from electricity. No attack roll is made; damage is automatic. Ordinary Armor will not apply to electricity damage; specialized grounding Armor, however, can stop it entirely.

Electrical Source
Minor; wall socket: One level per turn
Major; protective fence: Two levels per turn
Severe; vehicle battery, junction box: Three levels per turn
Fatal; main feed line, subway rail: Four levels per turn

The following table gives damage per turn from fire. No attack roll is made; damage is automatic. A character's Armor rating will not reduce damage from fire directly; rather, the player will gain a number of phantom Wound Levels equivalent to their Armor rating, and the fire will need to burn through those levels before the character sees an increase in their actual Wound Level.

Size of Fire
Torch; a part of the body is exposed to flame: One level per turn
Bonfire; half of the body is exposed to flame: Two levels per turn
Raging inferno; entire body is engulfed in flame: Three levels per turn

Note that it is sometimes appropriate to double exposure damage.


Characters can hold their breath for 35 seconds x (Stamina + Endurance). Each Willpower Point spent grants another 30 seconds. This assumes no strenuous activity. Characters then suffer 1 level of unsoakable Bashing Damage per turn until they drop below Incapacitated/Lethal, at which point they begin dying per the rules on Death.

Poison, Disease, and Climactic Conditions

Alcohol reduces Dexterity and Intelligence by 1 for every 2 drinks. One point is recovered per hour.

Mundane poisons, toxins, diseases, radiation, and the like have a Severity Level from 1 to 5 (or higher for the supernatural or Black Tech). They also have an onset time. Most deal Bashing Damage, repeated every period of onset time. Likewise, they have a certain duration, represented by a toxicity rating. The initial Stamina + Endurance roll (usually at Difficulty 8) only slows the onset time, by a factor equal to successes. Example:

Curare: Severity: 5, Onset: Immediate, Toxicity: Terminal

By this rating, you would suffer 5 Bashing every turn after being hit, until you die or are cured. If your Stamina + Endurance roll is fairly successful, then you would suffer 5 Bashing every couple of turns instead of every turn.

Nonlethal poisons and diseases are limited by a "cap" in how much damage may be applied. The common cold would be limited to Bashing/Wounded, as it won't kill you. Tranquillizers would have an upper limit on how much effect they can have within the specified time frame unless they have a significant lethal factor.

Knockout gas such as BZ and Kolokol-1 require a Stamina + Endurance check at Difficulty 9 each turn spent in the area of effect, plus the turn after leaving it. 3 successes allow full action. 1 success allows the character to crawl out of the gas, with no other action possible. 0 successes indicate the character is overcome by spasms that turn, and a botch indicates the character is Incapacitated from Bashing damage.

Extreme temperatures and adverse climactic conditions use the mechanic for poison and disease. Climactic conditions should be rated in Severity from 1 to 5 (adjusted for protective gear), or higher for supernatural or extraterrestrial conditions.

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