Questionnaire of Doom!

The Character Development Questionnaire

This was designed for characters in the House Games setting. It can assist you to develop your character's personality, history and future plans as well as helping you to develop a symbology unique to the character. Experience points will be awarded per section adequately filled out (your Regional GM will "grade" them). XP awards will vary according to the complexity of the Character.

1-9 games (Novice):
2 Improvements possible: questions 1-24 and/or 25-48

10-29 games (Seasoned):
3 Improvements possible: questions 1-16, 17-32, 33-48

30+ games (Vet):
4 Improvements possible: questions 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 37-48

Novice characters can get away with writing a small blurb for most questions. Seasoned characters should be writing at least a paragraph in response to every one.

Obviously, Veterans will be expected to write a book to properly record their history & opinions…

Assume all questions are presented in such a way that the character is feeling unusually talkative, with no desire to lie. Perhaps they were given sodium pentothal. Make the answer as long as you like but unless otherwise stated the minimum is one paragraph. You will be asked to elaborate on one word or one sentence answers (it is everyone else's sacred duty to do so).
1. What was your childhood like? (One paragraph each: (1)baby, (2)child, (3) teenager.)
2. If you were a weather pattern or meteoric phenomenon, what would you be? Why?
3. What is(are) your most prized possession(s)? What makes it(them) so special?
4. Do you know any songs? What kind? How did you learn them?
5. Have you ever been in love? With who? What happened? If not, why not?
6. If you were going somewhere special that you wanted to look your best for, what would you do to prepare? What would you wear? How long would it take you to get ready?
7. What will you do for next birthday?
8. What are your worst fears? Why? (Min. three paragraphs.)
9. Which historical figure do you look up to the most? Why?
10. When would you decide to retire? Where would you settle down at? What would you do?
11. If you had theme music, what would it sound like?
12. Describe your ambition. What makes you want it so bad that you would risk your life for it? (Min. three paragraphs)

13. Do the ends justify the means?
14. As you grow, how do you think your Ambition will evolve?
15. If you could meet any fictional character (TV, books, comics, etc.) which one would you choose? Why?
16. How do you feel about spirituality? Are you religious? What do you believe? (Min. three paragraphs)
17. What would you consider selling your soul for? (Note that considering does not mean deciding!)21. What do you try hardest to keep secret?
18. Provide a personal opinion on each of the High Rollers in your Region? Do you get along?
19. What kind of things can make you angry? Why? (Min. three paragraphs)
20. How do feel about democracy as a form of government?
21. What is your favorite food? How often do you eat it?
22. What do you dream about? Why do you think you have those dreams? (Min. three paragraphs)
23. What is your beverage of choice? Why?
24. Do you believe in aliens from outer space? Do you think they have come to Earth? Why?

25. Describe someone from your family in detail (and family doesn't end at blood). What did they look like? What were they good at? What was his or her personality like? How often did you see this person?
26. Describe a typical Sunday morning.
27. If you were an animal, what kind would you be? Why?
28. What are your political views?
29. Describe the perfect room.
30. What attracts you? Do you have anyone "on your radar"?
31. Where do you get your news? What topics are of interest to you?
32. Magic or science? Why?
33. Is there anything that you are irrational about?
34. What is your sex life like?
35. Define what is evil to you. (Min. three paragraphs)
36. What would you kill for? What would you die for?

37. Describe any enemies or vendettas you have made. Who do you think considers you an enemy? Provide some detailed plans about how you intend to "settle the score".
38. Have you ever had a pet? What was it and how did you take care of it?
39. Where does your money come from? Where does it go?
40. What purpose do you think the "Games" serve? Who is behind them? Why did they choose you?
41. If you were a vehicle, what kind would you be? Why?
42. Do you do drugs? Which ones? How often? What about caffeine, alcohol and other everyday medications? Why?
43. Everyone excels at something. What is your philosophy about the thing you are best at?
44. What comforts you when you are feeling sick for an extended period?
45. How do you feel about other races?
46. How do you feel about your mother? Would you defend her honor?
47. Describe the room where you sleep most often.
48. Which of your missions(s) have been the most impactful / memorable for you?

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