The Character Sheet

This page serves as an wiki index for all the things that appear on your character sheet. Confused about what something means? Check here!

Click here to download a character sheet or Click Here for a Google Drive template that can be duplicated and filled out.

Character sheets are filled out through the process of Character Creation

Character Summary

The top section of the character sheet holds the basic identifying information for the character.

  • Name: The character's name
  • Player: The name of the player
  • Cell: The name of the Cell (Portland, Alabama, or Nevada City for example)
  • Appearance: A very short description of what your character looks like.
  • Age/Sex: The character's age and gender.
  • Concept: This is a one or two word phrase that encapsulates the entire idea of the character.
  • Ambition: The Character's driving ambition. Arguably the most important field on the character sheet.
  • Quote: A signature quote from your character!



The Attributes are: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Perception, Wits, and Intelligence. See the Attributes page for more detail.


What's the character good at?

Check out the Abilities page for a full description of abilities.


All players start with Willpower, which is a pool that represents their drive, dedication, and overall life force. It can have up to 10 permanent points, and players begin each game with a number of temporary points equal to their permanent rating.


The Powers which you obtain as gifts from successful games are recorded here.

Merits and Flaws

Merits represent unique aptitudes or positive traits about your character.

Flaws represent fatal character flaws.


Traumas are events that would be traumatic to your character; most characters start with 3 and they are listed here.


Represents the current state of your character's health through Wound Levels. Health dropping low (generally through combat) is the leading cause of death among Contractors.

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