Version 1.5

Version 1.5 is a modified version of classic House Games featuring a trimmed down character sheet, less statification of roleplay, less dice rolling in combat, and less restrictive shared setting rules. Most powers, paths, and characters are portable between the systems with only minor modifications.

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The V1.5 Character Sheet

Character Creation

List of Differences

Character Sheet

  • Manipulation and Appearance attributes have been removed.
  • Attributes are no longer separated into three catagories.
  • Intuition, Intimidation, Engineering, Culture, and Management are removed as default abilities.
  • Virtues have been removed. All virtue rolls are now rolled using current temporary willpower rating as your dice pool.
  • Paths of Morality / Humanity has been removed. If you would have lost a point of morality, take a derangement instead. Systems that reference morality rating (tentatively) reference willpower or should be altered at the discretion of a regional GM.
  • Backgrounds have been split in to Advantages (x3 paths that must be gifted) and Merits.
  • Character creation has been adjusted for all the removed stats.
  • Study points from Merits and NPCs has been removed.


  • You cannot split dice pools to attack multiple times per round. You can still split between attack and parry/dodge.
  • Melee and brawl attacks add successes to damage. This helps counteract the new soak rules.
  • Armor subtracts dice from damage rolls instead of being rolled against damage. This simplifies combat, but removes certain fringe cases where highly armored targets can be damaged by weak attacks.
  • Stamina now soaks bashing one point at level 3, two at 4, and three at 5.
  • Aggravated Damage has been removed.


  • Each cell is a self-contained plane of the multiverse. Events from other cells do not directly affect the world of a given cell. Visits between cells are possible when cross-cell games are run, and cells in close communication can opt for a shared world.
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